Local stories connect people and help build a sense of belonging for locals and visitors alike. That’s why we have worked to introduce local businesses and share their stories and connection to our community.

Georgie, from Georgie’s Harvest at the South Melbourne Market, tells us about her experience through Covid-19. She explains how the local community has been supporting her and other businesses through the downturn and how communities can work together to overcome all obstacles.

Meet Chris from The South Melbourne Bakery. Whilst he lost 70% of his business when the Covid-19 restrictions hit, resourcefulness, and the support of the local community, are helping the bakery bounce back better and stronger.

Catherine is a local coffee rockstar in the the Montague precinct of South Melbourne. She is there from the early hours of the morning to keep everyone caffinated. We caught up with Cat to find out how she has been travelling through the Covid related downturn, and see what insights she had about our community.

Uncle Rocco’s Barbers Shop is a South Melbourne institution. The men of Port Phillip have long enjoyed come down for a chat, a trim and a beverage. However, the threat of Coronavirus was most prevalent for a business that spends their time in close proximity with each other and their clients. Now that businesses are starting to remerge, we get Fab, the owner of Uncle Rocco’s, to share his experience and thoughts.